Stories Incomplete: Drawing Table/Table Drawing, 2000
TERRI THORNTON. American (b. 1958)
Ink on paper. Anonymous Gift. 2000.006

Terri Thornton was born in Arkansas in 1958. At the age of six her family moved to Nacogdoches, Texas where she was raised. She studied at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. She has exhibited her work extensively in her home state since receiving her degrees. In addition to working as a visual artist, Thornton is also the Curator of Education at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth.

Though she describes her art as drawing-centered, her work goes beyond the typical definition of the medium. At times she may use traditional methods and materials, such as pen on paper, but often her work takes an unusual turn. For example, a simple drawing may consist of very delicate and subtle pen pricks or marks on a wall. Normally conceptually based, Thornton subject matter can range from natural objects to abstract visceral images.

Terri Thornton was a featured Cell Series artist in 2010.  Click here to view the exhibition, Binary System.